Music Mondays: [ENP] Reflections AMV

AM2“Is it only when you’re in love with another person, that you see them as they really are? And in the ordinary way, when you’re not in love with people, you see only a fragmented version of that being? Because when you’re in love with someone, you do indeed see them as a divine being…and suppose that’s what they are truly? Your eyes have, by your beloved, been opened.”

These are just some of the words that echo across a landscape of imagery and music after the 1 minute point of this touching AMV. Winner at MTAC’s 2014 AMV Contest for Judges Best Artistic, this is one of only a handful of AMVs I’ve watched without connection to the series used, but have enjoyed immensely and repetitiously (ad infinitum up to this point).

There’s something in the distantly retro broadcast voice. Something in every word spoken and in every highlighted, fevered motion framed in vivid color. Something cushioned perfectly between saccharine sweet piano keys and the heartbeat-like, tiptoes-at-the-edge-before-jumping rhythm…that really captures the essence and anxiety and excitement of new love.


If it’s only when we’re in love with another person that we see people as they truly are…I want to be in love with everyone all the time. Especially if the new vision granted by emotion is as gorgeous and full of feels as this video.

“We don’t say ‘rising in love’. There is in it the idea of the fall.”

Wow. Just wow. And much applause.


Grateful 365 #45 – Love

loveHappy Valentine’s Day! Over the years, this holiday and I have had a strange relationship. I recall one time when I had a Valentine, and it was very nice. The funny thing is that I remember the Valentine’s Day I spent downing monsters in the Plague Wing with my guild on WoW better. Why? Because everyone was far more surprised by the latter and so I wound up discussing, thinking about, and writing on it.

I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s an awesome time to appreciate your loved ones- romantic, platonic, and familial. I like to take a moment to reflect on all the love that I’ve recieved over the years. The family that raised me. The friends that supported me. The people who believe in me and stand by me day by day.lifelove

If we’re going to get romantic, I’m grateful for every moment I spent in a relationship. I’m glad I had those experiences and got to know those people better. I hope I’ve learned from each attempt so that if and when it’s time to give it a go again, I can do so a wiser, stronger person.

So today I’m grateful for love in all it’s many splendid forms and all the faces it’s worn in my life.

I hope everyone out there has a beautiful day filled with love!

~all the love~

Gratitude 365 #3 – She’s Alright

Today is my neulasta injection in T minus an hour or so, and already I have so many things to be grateful for.

The main focus of my gratitude is today is not necessarily my story to tell, so I will keep it brief and reuse ambiguous photos.

You never know how trivial your worries are until confronted with someone else’s.

I've aspired to her faith for years.

I’ve aspired to her faith for years.

My heart raced, and broke, and was made strong again. I forgot everything that happened yesterday and didn’t care about anything that might occur today.

My God, I love this girl, virtually my sister at this point. I am so, SO lucky to have her in my life. I’m glad this project exists because as much as I hate the fact that her yesterday was as it was, I’m glad she’s alright and part of the home, and friends I treasure.

That she exists to begin with is a blessing to anyone who has met her, more so to those fortunate enough to call her friend. That she’s alright, that she has faith, that she’ll move on to all the great things she has to accomplish is enough to make any dawn that much brighter.

Infectious joy!

Infectious joy!

~all the love~