Grateful 365 # 36- My Happy Box


I’m something of a sentimental squirrel in that I like to gather and hide things that make me smile. Over the years I’ve had dozens of chests, bags, and boxes in which I’ve stored my treasures, but recent events have made making my happy hoardings a little more portable.

Thus we have the Happy Box 2013-14 edition! A stylish something or other box (I don’t remember what it began as) coated in reflective tape and emblazoned with rainbows.
Inside we find holiday cards, small gifts, drawings from children, printed prayers, letters from loved ones, ticket stubs, pictures, and assorted other things that remind me of someone or something awesome!


It’s a silly little thing, and truth be told, I open it at home more often than I do when I take it out with me. I know most of the things I’ve put inside it by heart…I just like having them nearby. There’s an energy in positivity, optimism, and love– and everything in my happy box are just brimming with them.

It’s comforting. It’s supporting. It’s a reminder of what’s really important in life- the people and times that fill it.
So I’m grateful for my happy box, but even more gratefulererer (hee) for the people who have allowed me to keep such a thing filled year after year!

~all the love~


Grateful 365 #22 – Mementos


I often say that I wear any jewelry given to me until it falls off, and with rare exceptions that’s the truth.
I have a fondness for things that remind me of important people in my life, and have a weird sense of comfort when I can keep those things near me.
Yesterday I donned a T-shirt from Shelly, a necklace with charms from Nuts and a student, a pin from Becky, a bracelet from Mandy and another bracelet from my mother. Anything I couldn’t wear, I put in my box of happy thoughts…something I bring with me every visit to the infusion center I make.

The box has drawings from my students, christmas cards, printed prayers, letters, tiny figurines, jewelry I couldn’t fit on my limbs.

I don’t always open it.
I just like knowing it’s there.
It’s sort of like that ‘strength in numbers’ thing in portable form. (Yes– I can now take my friends and family everywhere whether they want to go or not! Wahaha~)

I love my momentos not because of what they are, but because of who they remind me of and all the good memories and feelings that go with it.
So thanks everyone for being there even when you didn’t mean to be. I promise not to think too fondly of you while on the loo. :)

~all the love~