Future Card Buddyfight’s Opening Brings Back that 90’s Magic

I haven’t heard an anime opening like this since the late 90’s!! Back then, translations were hit or miss even on subtitled versions, dubbing was hardly the respected profession it is today, and few theme songs were sent to market without a random, often nonsensical, English phrase or sixteen.

Today, “Future Card Buddyfight” brings that flavor back with a faithfulness to upbeat nonsense that borders on parody. (“Let’s Fighting Love,” anyone?)

This song is so phenomenal that every video I’ve found of it comes with subtitles– as though anyone exposed instantly thought, “Yeah, people are going to need to see these lyrics.”

However, the font can be a little hard to read at points, and I’m sure you’ll want to commit this classic to memory as soon as possible, so I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing it below as well:

Future Buddy Cardfight Opening 1- “Card of the Future”

(Future Buddy Fight!)
These powerful deep bonds connecting us, buddy,
Ain’t ever giving up, crush and build again,
Break out your future card!

Getting into it with our stunning moves, yeah!
Don’t matter to us we can change the way it’s done,
‘Cause we are, (’cause we are), the irrepressible Buddy Fighter!

With our flame we can burn up the darkness,
The sun will shine on through, illuminate your soul,
On we go! (On we go!) We will deliver your call to tomorrow!

Such fantastic inspiration moving into new territory,
I charge and I draw, run as fast as the wind,
We’re invincible!

(Future Buddy Fight!)

These powerful deep bonds connecting us, buddy!
Ain’t ever giving up, crush and build again!

(Future Buddy Fight!)

Meaningless fantasies of what the future brings,
We don’t need such goals, we don’t need to dream! ((<-This is by far my favorite line!! XD))

(Future Buddy Call!)

Blowing open the walls of the cave!
Fight on with all the great skill that you have!
This, our never ending story, so let’s do it our own way!

Break out your Future Card!

As far as the anime itself goes, Future Buddy Cardfight falls squarely into the “shows about products” category, and demonstrates the expected levels of heavy-handed cliches and tropes that usually come along with that package. (You know- “believe in yourself,” “don’t follow the crowd,” “the one kid who’s ‘special’/’destined for greatness’,” “solving problems via card games,” “the power of friendship”….all that good stuff.)

At two episodes in, I can conclude that this will not be an overly cerebral or otherwise stand-out show, and probably isn’t anything worth following unless you’re looking for the animated equivalent to a partial lobotomy or need a pixelated babysitter for a half-hour.

To it’s credit though, the show does manage to use “buddy” more often and with the most gravity I’ve ever heard applied to the word since South Park’s Canadian arguments.

So that’s something.