Grateful 365 #33 -Those Times When the Internet Makes You Proud

jewwarionLoss is never easy, but one of the beautiful things that comes out of it is the way in which people come together to show love and support. As many fans of Channel Awesome and Youtube already know, a fantastic contributor, Justin Carmical –also known as Jew Wario–took his own life on the 23rd of January. The effects are still being felt today across all sorts of outlets on the internet.
It’s so easy to assume that on a forum as large and anonymous as the internet loss goes unnoticed, but watching responses from Youtubers, video game sites, and the That Guy With the Glasses affiliates definitely proves otherwise. Although I’ve never met Justin, I enjoyed his videos and those he’s left behind have really done an amazing job highlighting and celebrating all the qualities that made him great.

I’m not grateful for the tragedy of his passing or for the emotional burden his friends and family are dealing with now. I am grateful for his memory being held up, for people remembering the best things, and for the internet as a whole pulling together in an effort to show Justin love. In doing so, I can’t help but think they might be helping others know how important a single life can be.
Whether you’re a doctor or a teacher or a construction worker or someone on youtube talking about import games, none of us make it out of this life without touching others. Every life is important.
The internet can be a den of terrible, horrible things…but every now and again it shines brightly with all the best qualities of our species. Every now and again, it makes you proud.

I’m glad that this was one of those times.
My heart goes out to Justin Carmical’s friends and family and to everyone affected by his loss. I hope we can all learn something and continue using the internet to celebrate the best in all of us.
I’d like to encourage everyone to watch the video below from one of Jewwario’s streams even if you’ve never seen anything else of his work. It’s a beautiful legacy to leave behind and something everyone needs to hear now and again. Thanks Justin Carmical- you will be missed.

JewWario’s channel

Angry Joe’s Tribute

The Game Chasers Tribute

Doug Walker’s Tribute


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