Grateful 365 #32- Sleepovers

Sleepovers are a funny thing to write about when you’re nearly 30, but dammit, I’m grateful for them! (So there!)

Art by FerioWind

Art by FerioWind

I’m grateful for the sleepovers past where deep dark secrets were shared and groups of girls and boys worked out who they were and who they wanted to be. I’m grateful for every conversation that started with “Hey, are you still awake..?” I’m grateful for the sleep-deprived laughter, the ridiculous injokes, the hours devoted to nothing other than learning more about and being with the people you cared about. I’m even grateful for nights of whispered terrors- ghosts in the spare room, something behind the shower curtain, ceiling fans that kept getting lower and lower…

O.O Horrifying....

O.O Horrifying….

I’m equally grateful for the recent ones though. The road trips, the impromptu ‘can I just stay here tonights’…the hospitality of a friend allowing you to invade their home and share their floor or sofa for an evening.

Even if there’s now the looming threat of ‘work in the morning,’ even if some of the night is devoted to things some might consider work, there’s this amazing sense of freedom when you know you have the whole night. shellycloset
I used to harbor some anxiety when sleeping in places that weren’t ‘home’. It lead to a lot of people staying over at my place back in the day and a lot of restless, sleepless nights later on. Even now, I don’t like to sleep in strange places when I can avoid it… However having just one person that I trust explicitly, one true and genuine friend…I could be in the middle of an alien encampment on Mars and feel comfortable.

It’s kind of super awesome.

So thanks to Krissia for having me over last night and reminding me exactly why I’m so grateful for sleepovers~!

~all the love~


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