Grateful 365 #31 – Sushi

sushi2Sushi is delicious.

End post.

Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad entry, would it? Sushi is damn good and as far as things I like to put in my mouth, destroy with my teeth, and send down to my digestive tract to further besiege it with acid and bile, it’s ranked among my favorites.

It also has a strong nostalgia to it. I remember piling wasabi on top of Kroger supermarket tuna rolls in progressively larger and larger globs for no reason other than the amusement of a friend and myself pre-highschool. I remember $1 sushi nights and cheap bento lunches during highschool. We’d order and loiter for hours on end as we talked and laugh.sushi4

Sushi is delicious to me the same way that “mom’s meatloaf” or any other comfort food might be. It’s good by its own right. It’s better with memories. It’s best with memories and great company.

So thanks for taking me out for sushi tonight, guys~! It was a delicious, nostalgic, memorable blast!

~all the love~


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