Grateful 365 #30 – Feathered Friends

It was a strange day today…bird-wise I mean. Actually, using the term “bird-wise” is strange in the first place. I very rarely have days where “bird-wise” is a word usable within my narrative. You see, even with the domesticated style of avian, I find their beady black eyes and dinosauric mannerisms unnerving. It’s led to many an awkward evening spent in the company of cockatiels– what with me huddled in the corner protecting my liver.


But I digress. Today I woke up and looked out my window. Checking on the snow, you know? Seeing if it might be safe to go outside? Well, the good news is that there was significantly less frozen precipitation. The …weird news… that there was a heron in my backyard.

I live in Georgia. It’s not unheard of to see herons here, but generally not right after a snow storm, and generally not in my backyard. Super strange, but it did more to encourage my hope that spring is coming than any gopher/groundhog/underearth rodent ever will.

The avian antics don’t stop there though.

As mentioned, the snow is melting, the air has lost it’s “stab-you-in-the-eyes” chill, and I finally felt safe to go walking. So I did. Out the door, to the left, and left up the hill…you know the drill. While I reveled in the fresh air, blue skies, and “not-my-room”ishness of everything around me, I happened to look down in time to see a little red-breasted chirpy chirp hop across my path and vanish into the brush.

Or that’s what would have happened if I hadn’t mysteriously transformed into the bird whisperer over night. Not only did this bird hop along a few feet in front of me until the side walk ended…but it emerged a second time on my way back as though I owed it money. It was…surprisingly nice. Maybe because it wasn’t big enough to threaten my eyes or kidneys. Maybe because it wasn’t joined by it’s fellows one at a time until they became legion and mobbed me a la Hitchcock.bird 2

Maybe it was because as I followed behind it like a bipedal behemoth it surprised me with it’s indifference…even going so far as to stare over its wing cheekily when I finally pulled out my camera. I like to append moments like these– moments when I come face to face with nature on a personal level– with the tagline of “magical”. Even if they aren’t as rare as a unicorn or a fairy sighting, they still feel that way to me. Every time.

Sure there’s almost certainly an explanation for both- migration and climate and nests and what have you… In the midst of either moment though, that’s not what I saw. It was just me and a bird and a moment.

For that, I’m grateful.

~all the love~


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