Grateful 365 #23 – A Cat Behind the Knees

CatKnee2When sleep is difficult, waking up can sometimes be even worse…

Today though the first sensation that traveled to my sleep addled brain was something warm and soft and squishy behind my knees.

Not a headache. Not intestinal needs. Not unwanted awareness of my bones.

Just soft, warm, squeezable vibrations that, through sheer virtue of cuteness, implored me not to stir.

As often as I’ve found this doorstop to my lower limbs a nuisance, I’ll need to rethink that stance as today I couldn’t have asked for anything better or more pleasant.

So thank you, Vigil. Thank you for steadfastly nesting behind my joints and keeping them warm and thouroughly purr-permeated through the night.
~all the love~


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