Grateful 365 #20 – Unexpected Grace

Today a friend’s mother called me at work. Fortunately, she called while I was changing between the wet and dry portions and was able to pick up. I say fortunately not because I’m a conversationalist to be envied, but because in my rush to stay busy these past few days I’ve been guilty of neglecting phone calls here and there. It was fortunate because I’d meant to call her back days ago and would have felt awfully if I missed her again.

Once we connected, it was only a few moments before I had to sit down. Not bad news, mind you, but I was so touched that I nearly welled up several times as we chatted.

Not only was she aware that my treatment is tomorrow, but also remembered that as a general rule…I hate spending the night before chemo alone. Too much time in my own brain, you know? She offered to take me out to a Chinese buffet, and after accepting, we hung up.

I think I spent the rest of the workday gushing about how grateful I was to just about everyone I saw.

Not only was it an astonishingly thoughtful, loving gesture, but as dinner went on and we all (her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew) had a great time, I was reminded just how interwoven our lives can be and how fortunate we are when experiences merge and become something positive.

Beyond companionship and the present, we sat at the table as individuals with very different paths trailing behind us…but there were more common threads than one might expect on a cursory glance.

It sounds trite, but I really needed tonight. I needed to be with people whose stories I hadn’t heard in completion before and whose laughter I hadn’t shared as an adult. I learned a lot and left feeling loved and very, very blessed to know and be welcomed in the company I shared.

On the car ride home, Cathy and I spoke about the past her daughter and I shared and how long it had been since I’d spent time with their family. It really had been ages. We hit a point in the conversation where the phrase “at a certain point, age doesn’t matter anymore,” came about. Too true. Yet another thing I’m grateful for tonight.

I had trouble picking a phrase for today’s gratitude, because I have so, so much to be grateful for. I went for “Unexpected Grace” because a single, unforeseen phone call wound up changing my whole day, lightening my evening, and providing me with more goodness than I could have thought to wish for.  It seemed fitting.

I think I’ll be able to sleep easily when I finish this entry, and I’ll hold this warmness in my heart tightly through tomorrow.

emote warm heart

~all the love~


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