Grateful 365 #19 – Seeing the Finish Line

emote eheheA few days ago I spoke with my oncologist about my upcoming treatment. In addition to setting up times and schedules for this cycle, she also humored me in penciling in dates for the remaining course of my treatment. It didn’t really strike me until I had transfered it from paper to phone calander and phone calendar to e-mail, but…

I have an end date.

April 7th- Final chemo
April 28- PET (looking for an all clear)

emote eye rubI have a finish line.

emote yayI have a finish line that my oncologist says is very likely given my current progress.

Typing those words feels great. Seeing those words feels great.

Although I’ve known from the beginning that there would be an end, there is something so solid and real about having a date. I’ve been encouraged going into this cycle just knowing that I was over the halfway point from here on in, but being able to point to a calendar and say “I’ll be better then!” is an entirely new level of elation.

emote triumph

I’ll be better then!!

I know I’m very blessed to have the prognosis I have, and doubly so to have the certainty of an finish line to look forward to.

I’m grateful for both.

~all the love~


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