Grateful 365 #18 – Strength in Numbers

Today’s gratitude has a double meaning. The first in the “many hands make light work” sense, and the second in the “the rope made of many threads is strongest”.

Obvious adage is obvious, of course.

Some friends are moving and that seems to be one of those social events that really brings out the appreciation for teamwork and hand-lending. I could site several different moves here…although most include the same people. A real testament to the selflessness and giving nature of most of my friends.


In most moves, the day begins with what looks like an insurmountable pile of “stuff” in one place and what steadily becomes an arduous trek to another place where it must all end up. However the task usually goes unexpectedly easily as people pitch in and everyone helps out. What would take two people a gazillion years to move alone, takes six people a matter of hours.

It’s numbers. It’s physics. It’s logic.

It’s still awesome, but what’s even better is that there’s a different kind of strength in numbers.

How often have you laughed while undertaking a tough task alone? Probably a number you can count on one hand, right?emote ?


Now add just one more person to that task. Not four, not six…just one. One extra person added to your number increases the emotional strength of the two of you exponentially. One extra person can make the most unpleasant task bearable. It can accidents that could leave you standing with your hands thrown up in frustration laughable.

Now add a few more to the same task…


The miracle here? At some point, it stops being a task and starts being a memory. Sure there will still be tough parts, hard parts, unpleasant parts…but together, the strife is shared and filtered through friendship. When one spirit falters, another steels to support it.

It’s a magical, supernatural thing our species seems to do…and watching it happen…being a part of it…is simply breathtaking.

I had a great time today and am grateful I got to be part of this move and these memories.


Most of all though, I’m grateful for strength in numbers.

~all the love~


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