Grateful 365 # 17 – Shoes

Although I didn’t intend it when starting this entry, I now have the “Omg Shoes” song stuck in my head. Let me just get this out of the way before I continue:


Okay, moving on.

Shoes. Not the fancy kind. Not anything overly special or spectacular. Just…shoes. omg. (gaaaah! I can’t stop, now!!!)

Shoes are one of those things (or should I say two?) that I don’t often appreciate until I’ve tried going a day without them. Sure the sensation of cold cement or wet grass on bare feet can feel amazing, but it doesn’t take long treading on either without footwear to send me running back inside the house.
ShoesFashion aside, shoes these days not only keep our feet dry and warm, they keep our soles and heels cushioned and comfortable. They not only prevent sticks, stones, and other objects of the pokey, pointy, and hurty varieties from puncturing our tootsies, but they help alleviate back and hip problems via scientifically crafted support.

Everyday that I venture outside, I first slip my sock-swathed leg-ends into technology. How weird and wonderful is that?

Shoes are really quite remarkable when you take a step back, and become even more so when you realize that a good many people in a good many places don’t have them.

Forget having a pair that goes with your outfit, or one that assists the motions of your lower joints–these people would give anything for a worn pair from a decade ago just to alleviate their calluses.

So today I’m grateful that I’m not aware of my feet when I walk. I’m grateful that my toes stay dry and my arch stays supported. I’m very blessed that I have the luxury of owning shoes that serve no practical purpose, but look damn good.

I’m grateful for all the shoes I have and hope that one day, everyone that wants for these laced comforts can take their pick.

~all the love~


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