Grateful 365 #15 – Keeping Busy

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and I’ll back that 100%. After a period of feeling like I can’t do anything, feeling like I can do everything all at once feels like I’ve been granted super powers.

I’m barreling down the highway of life at full speed this week, and where I might have bemoaned such a turn of events at other times, today it’s nothing short of exhilarating.

emote power up
emote runningWorking at my job and having a list of tasks that grows as I complete them makes me feel productive.  Advising or helping our newer employees feels like I’m making an impact and leaving an imprint.

emote desk

Going home and making even the shortest of written entries on my blog or in my journal makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied. Hanging out with friends and going places, even the grocery store, gives me the sensation of making the most of my time.

…Maybe even making up for some of the moments I lost to recovery a week or so earlier.

To look back at my day or my week and feel like I spent that time well and wasted no opportunities really feels amazing and seems to give me energy. It makes the knowledge that I’ll likely lay low again in a few days not feel like any sort of defeat, but a well-deserved rest.

emote wave
I have kept busy since we hit 2014, and I am reveling in it and am grateful for the plethora of work, hobbies, and socialization I’ve had nearly every waking moment!


emote forward

Keeping busy is the best!

~all the love~


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