Grateful 365 #13 – Indoor Plumbing

An often overlooked blessing for two…no three very big reasons.

The first being the same reason I even thought to think about such an everyday, overlooked convenience.

With our weather unable to make up its mind as to whether it wants to be cold or insanely cold I found myself dreading the temperature of the toilet seat. …and then I realized that without a toilet, I’d be going outside to use the loo…
A very uncomfortable proposition indeed!

No thank you!

No thank you!

The second reason is actually the alternative. Say that indoor plumbing wasn’t a thing, but outhouses were passe…well then,  I’d likely find myself the proud owner of a chamber pot…and the stink that goes with it. Again: not pleasant in the least.

The third is a lot tamer in comparison- I really enjoy being able to go to the tap for water. It’s actually nice that the water coming out of it is cold this time of year, but the fact that I don’t have to brave the cold or chip through ice to get at it is really something to be thankful for. Add to that the bonus of being able to drink it without fear of intestinal nastiness squirming its way into my gut, and the wizardry of temperature control seems like a very tall pile of frosting!

Fresh, clean water at a temperature of my choosing?! What sorcery is this?!

Fresh, clean water at a temperature of my choosing?!
What sorcery is this?!

So thank you plumbing!
For taking my waste far, far away from me and giving me clean water, hot or cold, from inside the comfort of climate control.

~all the love~

~all the love~


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