Grateful 365 #10- Car Rides

I am a person without a car, and although that brings with it some very interesting challenges, it also means that I often ride in someone else’s car with someone else.

Car rides…are amazing, underappreciated things.

carIf you really think about it, a car is it’s own mobile compact room. Often a compact room with a great sound system. A car is a cone of silence where you can say anything without fear of being overheard. It’s a confession booth, a private karaoke room, and an exclusive clubhouse.

When you’re like me and often find yourself the very grateful recipient of a ride home, a car  becomes a room with just you and whoever happens to think enough of you to take the time to help out.

It’s a private moment.

It’s a stretch of time and road shared between two (or however many) people where all you have to entertain yourselves is each other. No distractions. No ‘other things to do’. Just you, the road, a destination and time to talk.

Car rides, I’ve found, are the most fertile ground for some of the best shared experiences and conversations.
Driver and passenger talk openly and freely about anything and everything that might be on their minds.
IMG_20120914_202429I have learned a lot about people in my time as a passenger, and I have been grateful for the privacy the rolling room afforded me many times when I’ve taken a friend up on sharing my feelings or just letting go.

I’ve cried in cars, I’ve laughed until I cried in cars.  I’ve shared in ridiculous jokes and sung at the top of my lungs. I’ve learned secrets I’m privileged to have and I’ve shared and been shared earnestly with.

Never, ever have I come away from a car ride feeling as though time was wasted.

Last summer, I was able to go on at least two road trips with a dear friend. I’ve never felt closer to a person than when we finished. It was a journey. It was an adventure. It was a span of time and road that will forever remain unreplicatable and unique and shared just between us.

Sometimes it’s hard to find time for conversation or one-on-one moments, but I’m fortunate enough to enjoy them every single time a door closes and latches behind me. Fortunate to expect such things as soon as a motor revs.

I’m grateful for car rides and the people I take them with. I’m grateful for all the words spoken and laughs had behind the steel and glass.

~all the love~


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