Grateful 365 #9- Being Back at Work


I went back to work today. I hugged a good number of my friends today for the first time ever in 2014. I was welcomed. I was wished well. I was told that my presence was a good thing.

I was party to ridiculous pratical jokes, inane banter, and inside catchphrases. I was put to work.

I mentioned my friends in a previous gratitude, and will try to lay off the redundancy and verbosity this go around.

I love what I do. DSC_0123-SMILEPrimarily I teach children and plan programs for them. That means I get to think like a kid, love kids, help kids, listen to the adorable, heartwwarming kid stories and giggles, and know at the end of the day that I’ve made a difference.



I love where I work.
I seriously consider where I work one of the very best facilities in the state if not the best. I’ve been here nearly a decade and have seen it improve and grow.

I love who I work with.
My coworkers are my friends. At the very worst, I like my coworkers. That’s at the very worst, mind you. Most are like family or very close friends.IMG_20110821_101531
I think I chalk it up to this job attracting a certain type of person– a giving, creative, empathetic person.

I’m grateful for being back at work today and all that goes with it.

Thank you to everyone for making me feel loved and making going back to work feel like coming back where I belong!

~all the love~


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